"I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it."
The Israelites lost their hunger for God and ultimately did not enter into His promised Land. It's time to get your hunger back for the promises of God for your life.
PSALMS 81:10
"Hungry For Full Life In Christ"
"Our appetites dictate the direction of our lives — whether it be the cravings of our stomachs, the passionate desire for possessions or power, or the longings of our spirits for God. But for the Christian, the hunger for anything besides God can be an arch-enemy. While our hunger for God — and him alone — is the only thing that will bring victory." - John Piper

"Do you have that type of hunger for Jesus that John speaks about? One that is above everything else in your life? I believe that hunger can be increased or decreased over time. Your cravings for one thing can become stronger with your increased intake of it. The same is with your pursuit of God. If you increase your intake of the Lord's presence, promises, and purity you will ultimately build a stronger hunger for Him. This is why our community has decided every January to pause and learn how to put God first in our lives. If you desire a deep relationship with Jesus and the full life that relationship results in, then putting him first through fasting is a biblically proven way to increase your hunger for full life in Christ." - Ed Clemons
Full Life Fast 2018
Full Life in Christ is more of a lifelong pursuit than a quick phenomenal. That is why habits of fasting and prayer are more impactful then once a life time moments. Through fasting and prayer, the Holy Spirit can transform your life into a full and free one in Jesus. That is why we're starting the Full Life Fast as a community. A 21-day time of growing closer to Jesus and increasing your spiritual hunger for a life full of Him and His promises.

The Full Life Fast starts
January 14 - February 7.
Fasting Basics
How To Begin
Start with a goal that you believe God is calling you to accomplish. Be specific. Why is God leading you to fast? Why did you decide to fast? What area of full life do you desire to have? Do you need direction, healing, restoration of marriage or family issues? Are you facing financial difficulties or need spiritual deliverance? Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Pray daily and read the Bible.
Preparing Spiritually
Confess your sins to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of weakness. Forgive all who have offended you and ask forgiveness from those you may have offended (Mark 11:25; Luke 11:4; 17:3-4). Surrender your life fully to Jesus Christ and reject the worldly desires that try to hinder you (Romans 12:1-2).
Deciding What To Fast
The type of fasting you choose is up to you. You could go on a full fast in which you only drink liquids, or you may desire to fast like Daniel, who abstained from sweets and meats, and the only liquid he drank was water. Remember to replace that time with prayer and Bible study.
How Long To Fast
You may fast as long as you like. Most can easily fast from one to three days, but you may feel the grace to go longer, even as much as 21 to 40 days. Use wisdom and pray for guidance. Beginners are advised to start slow.
What To Expect
When you fast your body detoxifies, eliminating toxins from your system. This can cause mild discomfort such as headaches and irritability during withdrawal from caffeine and sugars. And naturally, you will have hunger pains. Limit your activity and exercise moderately. Take time to rest. Fasting brings about miraculous results. You are following Jesus' example when you fast. Spend time listening to praise and worship. Pray as often as you can throughout the day. Get away from the normal distractions as much as possible and keep your heart and mind set on seeking God's face.
How To End
Don't overeat when the time comes to end your fast. Begin eating solid food gradually; eat small portions or snacks.
Types of Fasting
The type of fast you choose is between you and God, depending on your physical ability and work responsibilities. You may want to include a combination of fasts. For example, you may want to start with a Absolute fast for the first 3 days and then continue with a Daniel Fast or a weekly fast, and end the last 3 days with another Absolute fast.
Absolute Fast
Drink only liquids (you establish the number of days). Consult your doctor and let a pastor or Life Group leader know if you plan to do this for more than 3 days.
Daniel Fast
Eat no meat, sweets, or breads. Only eat fruits and vegetables and drink water and juice. Veggie burgers are an option as well if you are not allergic to soy. Some people drink protein drinks, but be sure that they aren't loaded with sugar. Click here for a Daniel Fast how to guide.
3-Day Fast
This fast can be any type of fast (Full Fast, Daniel Fast, Give up one food). It could be a sacrifice other than food.
Partial Fast
Fast from 6am to 3pm or from sun-up to sundown. You can apply food restrictions with this fast. This fast can be combine with a fast of sacrafice.
Fast of Sacrifice
This type of fast includes giving up television or anything that would be a sacrifice for you personally. This can be a very effective means of growing spiritually. Be sure to pick something that means a lot to you, and then replace it with times seeking God, including reading His word, worship, and prayer.
Commitment Card
There will be moments where you will need to remind yourself the purpose behind your efforts to fast. This is why having a clear spiritual goal between you and God is important. You can use this commitment card to strengthen your faith in times of temptation to quit. Remember, fasting is for us to come close to Jesus. He will reward us publicly for our sacrarfice to him privately.
Facebook Live
Nightly at 8:00PM for 21 Days Starting January 14
Join Pastors Ed and Evette as they spend a short time with you on Facebook Live. There will be a devotional, laughter, and time for prayer. This is a great supplement to your time fasting. Are you ready?
Full Life Fast Is Just For You
If you sense that God has more for your life then the Full Life Fast is a great place to begin to believe Him for all that He has for you. We've developed three intentional moments of gathering for Together Prayer where you will put seeking God first into practice. When you do this, you will see a strong sense of desire for Him start to rise up inside you. You will see a difference in how you handle your relationships, your work, your family and every area of your life. It is then that you will begin to spread God's love to people around you.
Together Prayer
Find strength through collective prayer in community!
January 21
9:15-9:45 AM
January 28
9:15-9:45 AM
February 7
9:15-9:45 AM
The Worship Venue before Sunday's worship encounter.
Do What The Pastors Do
Hey family! Excited about this season of collective prayer and personal fasting. If you are having a hard time figuring out a fasting schedule, try ours. We are starting our first 3 days with a Absolute Fast, a full liquid diet. Then continuing with a partial fast from 6AM-6PM, and ending the last 3 days with another Absolute fast. If you slip up, it's ok, keep going strong.
Ed and Evette Clemons
Pastors of Life of Worship
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