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Imagine a church that exists to reach people where they are and take them to where they belong with God.

Imagine a church that is influential and intentional in dominating our city and world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. That’s LIFE OF WORSHIP. You who need spiritual recharging or you who feel like a misfit or you who are new to getting to know God and you who are veterans of the faith are welcomed here!

Our Story

In 2012, our Lead Pastor Ed and his wife Evette, moved to Raleigh, NC from Florida with no idea of what God had planned for them. They knew God called them to the RDU area to be a part of life-change for people but what that looked like was not so clear. In 2014, Pastor Ed sat down at their guitar pick shaped table for three months praying for the church that he felt God was calling them to lead. He got up from that table with a vision and mandate for Life of Worship Church.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate is to reach those far from Christ so they can arise to a life in Him.

We believe that there are without a doubt essential beliefs of Christianity. We also believe that there are non-essentials beliefs that many people get caught up in which causes them to miss the point of why Jesus came and died for us. We don’t expect everyone to think the same about the non-essential beliefs but we stand firm in our belief in the essentials.

Meet Our Team

Worship Experience

We know that coming to a church for the first time can bring some anxiety. We made it our job to help you leave the anxiety in the car so you can experience an exciting, energetic, and engaging experience the moment you pull in. We do what we do so that you can encounter God with no barriers.

Arise Kids

Arise Kids exist to reach kids on their level so they can come alive in God in an engaging environment just for them.

We know just how much you love your kids and because most of our team are parents we want you to expect nothing but love for our Arise Kids volunteers. These are trained volunteers who care about safety and security.

Location & Times

LIFE OF WORSHIP is located in the growing and thriving area of Garner. We are currently located White Deer Park Nature Center. We would love for you to join us on Sundays for great music, to meet really great people, enjoy a vibrant atmosphere full of energy and life, and receive relevant and practical teaching from the Bible.

Join Us

Worship Experience

White Deer Park Nature Center  |  2458 Aversboro Rd |  Garner, NC 27529

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